Von Dutch x Pure Collab

Von Dutch is a well-known fashion brand that was created in the early 2000s by Kenneth (Kenny) Howard, who got the nickname “Dutch” in high school and later added “Von” to the beginning for an artistic touch and led by famous French designer Christian Audigier. The Los Angeles-based brand took off almost immediately and became very prominent in the world of music and pop culture. It quickly became one of the most influential and desired brands in the fashion world and has been for the past 15 years. Earl Pickens, Von Dutch’s executive director of design, “continues to drive the future of Von Dutch to a place where street culture meets luxury fashion.”
For over 15 years, Pure remains a leader in the luxury multi-brand retailer space, creating experiences of Luxury, Culture and Fashion. Each Pure boutique provides an exclusive culture based shopping experience, boasting a curated assortment of elevated streetwear energy. 
The Pure Collaboration with Von Dutch is a natural evolution of a strong relationship with two iconic brands. Rooted in positivity you can see most of the styles in this collab collection depict a happy face and use the logos of the iconic brands such as eyeball flying and eyeball on fire. All designs include the classic Pure logo. This collection is available on a limited basis directly from Pure only.
Von Dutch x Pure

Double Fire Eye Tee


Von Dutch x Pure Flying Eye Tee white

Flying Eye Tee


Von Dutch x Pure Single Eye Tee Black

Single Eye Tee

Family Flying Eye Tee Black

Family Flying Eye Tee

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 To get your hands on this limited edition collection visit Pure Atlanta located in Lenox Square Mall.

3393 Peachtree Road NE Suite 5025B Atlanta, GA 30326


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