The humble and generous Mr. Kevin Gates visits Pure Atlanta

Kevin Gates at Pure Atlanta  Reves Paris Olive Bomber Jacket


It's always an honor and a privilege to spend time with the many gifted artists that comprise the Pure Family.  Kevin Gates is particularly special because his style, as reflected in his music is esoteric in the sense that it will not necessarily appeal to the masses but can be deconstructed and almost translated for specific commercial digestion.  I personally love Kevin because I feel he is an old soul, wiser than his years.  


While his style ranges from MCM to Homme + Femme LA, through his daily look of effortless high-brow trap he has made extensive contributions to both the music and fashion community by encouraging people to be their genuine selves.  Most importantly, he is an inspiration to hustlers world wide, through his music which encourages people of all walks of life to push themselves to reach success.  On this particular visit Kevin purchased a Reves bomber jacket in army green.

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