LA ROPA, a clothing brand which originated in the city of angels, began with two young men namedJimbo Williams and Aristotle Sanchez. The two were homeless, staying at the Royal Pagoda Motel, when the concept first emerged. The name, LA ROPA, itself was intended to be a remark against America’s second language (Spanish) and the brandVetements, whose name also means “clothes” in another language. As young designers hungry to succeed, they strived to create a brand that would captivate the streetwear design culture through one of a kind artwork and catch-phrases. This tactic quickly picked up momentum and a couple years later, LA ROPA is now endorsed by celebrity personalities such as Bella Hadid, Young Thug and many more. 
Perhaps one of the most notable designs that has contributed to LA ROPA’s success is the infamous “PUSSY BUILDS STRONG BONES” print that can be seen on everything from t-shirts and hoodies, to sweatpants and hats. This phrase came in the midst of the #MeToo movement and according to, when asked about the phrase Williams denotes “For us, woman is God. We respect women more than anyone else in the world. So this was our way of saying, women, we respect you, we love you.LA ROPA uses signifiers like this phrase and its red lips graphic to identify with a range of customers and achieve Williams and Sanchez’s goal of being a brand that can be worn by any demographic. Pure’s assortment of LA ROPA encompasses exactly that, offering a range of silhouettes and colors to choose from. Check out some of our best sellers below: